What do we offer?

Our services range from corporation and personal tax compliance to advice on Value Added Tax, National Insurance, payroll taxes, and Inheritance Tax.

We do not offer tax schemes (which are invariably challenged by HM Revenue and Customs and which inevitably become some form of deferral scheme) but we do offer tax planning within legislation to achieve tax efficient solutions for business owners, their families, and their companies.

There are times when HMRC may raise enquiries into your affairs where you have not undertaken any action which they would ultimately find issue with. We operate with our provider, CCH, a fee protection insurance service, which means that our professional costs for dealing with such enquiries are met under this policy. The receipt of a tax enquiry letter can be a distressing moment (the letters in themselves are frightening as they contain many statutory references and threats of penalties) but we are well equipped to dealing with these matters.


Tax planning invoices

Our typical tax planning invoices identifying your needs and requirements not only today but in the medium and long term, and tailoring our advice and services accordingly. There is a great deal of interaction between the management of business taxation and its impact upon individuals. We work alongside your independent financial advisor to find tax optimal solutions but never forgetting that the ‘tax tail should wag the business dog’.

Bearing in mind the interaction of pension, dividend, and direct tax planning between companies and individuals we attempt to embark our knowledge to you as business owners so that you obtain ownership of these matters and can plan accordingly. We treat our clients as equals and have no wish to treat taxation as a mysterious art form. We are chartered accountants and our skill sets are based in that area.

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